Thursday, May 14, 2009

At the End of the Path-SOLD

Alright its time for a TESTIMONY! Can i hear an Amen! Amen! (insert sounds of shouting and rejoicing here!)
Bessie the truck made breaking down noises all the way from Cedar Island and i thought... i'm in the clear.... maybe ive worried for about 3 1/2 hours down the road, noisy but rolling! Got a few miles from my house and had to stop at a stop light. all four gears were stripped and wouldnt go into gear. i eased her into a roll (miraculously--mustve been on a slight downgrade) got her into fifth and she noisily made the other few miles. caught every green light right and coasted into my yard where she died. now if that aint God, i dont know what it is! she literally died in my yard.
hopefully the mechanic can put a newer tranny in her tomorrow so i can teach a raleigh workshop. if not there will be a lot of pissed off people saturday morning at jerrys artarama!
This is the painting where the guy made me move off the shoulder of the road and dumped my stuff in the marsh grass. lost some important painting tools. good thing i'll be at the art supply store to pick up a palette knive. i'll have to make me another "drawing brush", nothing more than an old filbert whittled down into a fine pointed triangle shape. fantastic for drawing, er scrubbing in the big shapes of the underpainting and can be used to put in tiny strokes for absolutely necessary details (which i try never to do!)

Summer Place- 8x10

contact me if you like this one

the lady that lives in this cottage just moved to ocracoke from alaska. thats quite a transition isnt it! she said she visited once and fell in love with the place, packed up her things and moved. just wait till her first hurricane. she'll wish she was in the frozen tundra again!

At the suggestion of my friend Shawn, who runs Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island (and one heck of a painter!) , i tried some new paint from Gamblin called the Radiant series. i added radiant blue and radiant violet to my palette to try it out. i really really like the blue and will probably keep it. now i have three and sometimes four blues on there. the violet is ok but i feel like i can make it with my cobalt violet and white, so i'll probably use up this tube and wont get another one. but the blue is sweet! just the right middle temperature between (warm)cereulean blue and (cool) ultramarine blue. has a nice glow to it too! if you paint give it a try, i think you'll like it.

Here's what my commute home on the ferry looked like, going back to Ocracoke Island from Hatteras Island after "work" a few days ago

Hey....Its a tough job but somebodies gotta do it. might as well be me! LOL

And yes Doug H. i had Buffalo Shrimp at Howards Pub. they need to get some Red Bull in there and then i'll give the place the 5 stars it rightly deserves!


Douglas Hoover said...

Amen, brother!

Wow, what a ride! Bessie did ya right.
Great story!

Hate to hear that your rig went in the drink, but some sacrifices are worth it... like this great painting.

Man, I can taste the b.shrimp right now! Ya know the place is a 5 for me... they've got Yeungling draft.

Let me know if the print arrived safely.

Looking forward to seeing more from the painting machine!

Denise Rose said...

Glad to know you made it home. Sorry your Bessie died! I hope you make it to your workshop this weekend. I know if I were close to Raleigh I would be there!

mike rooney studios said...

doug- hey man you knew the bartender....pull some strings and get them to carry some redbull and that meal would be heaven on earth. after she took my order and went in the kitchen i started grinning real big thinking about that b, shrimp. mouth even started watering....
thanks for the nice words. i may do at the end of the path bigger, dont know yet.
have a few more i did that day that need a tweak here and there before posting
when you headed back over to the big O?

maybe we could rent a cottage and split all the expenses to keep the costs down. summer times gonna be real expensive to paint over there alone for me. they say if you take a cooler of food over there with you, its cheaper that way than buying it on the island.
starting in september i can go back into the camper i was in this last time. she only charges me $25 a day. cant beat that

denise- thanks, i'm glad bessie didnt leave me in the middle of nowhere. that would have been awful.
where is it that you live?

Denise Rose said...

Hey Mike, I am outside of Memphis, TN. Kinda far from NC since it is the other side of Tennessee, but we are still kinda neighbors! I ended up ordering your beach houses video from ASW (isn't that connected with Jerry's somehow?) but they didn't have the rural landscape one listed. I may place a Jerry's order soon or just get you to send it to me when you get back home and get your own copies. Enjoy your weekend!