Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Waters Edge-SOLD

Here's a cool little boat i saw while trying to find some places to paint.

Island Access- 8x10
$275 unframed

contact me by email if you're interested in this one

This is from the island of Ocracoke right where the ferrys come in. in fact thats the ferry ramp in the background. i've done this house before and liked it so much i came back. painted it from a different angle this go round.

Have had some wild things happen on this trip. the truck sounds like its about to blow up. i was moving out of the road where i was painting tomorrows blog post and my easel fell in the swampy marsh. lost a palette knife, and my favorite "drawing"brush. this brush started out as a filbert and was scrubbed down to a triangle shape that was great for drawing in the big shapes.

The guy in the truck that made me move just looked at me like "thats what you get for being in the road painting!" i got a little perturbed at him going back and forth, back and forth. but he lives here and i dont, so i had to let it go. painting came out unscathed thank goodness.

Dropped off new paintings to Pea Island Gallery in Salvo and painted around there some. got back to the place i'm staying and little sweet ants had found their way into all my food in the cabinets. now theyre everywhere looking for some more. ants, ants ants. theyre even coming out of my keyboard while i'm typing this! Jeez!

luckily with all this going on the painting is going fine. i'm leaving a day or two early to get old bessie the truck fixed before i have to drive to raleigh to teach saturday. hope i make it to topsail beach without breaking down. its pretty desolate in some places. wish me luck!


Denise Rose said...

You are having some adventures Mike! I spent the last hour getting ants out of my cat's food bowl! They have found their way into my house and are now bothering the cat! So I can understand your frustrations with the little pests!

Douglas Hoover said...

Excellent painting Mike! Glad to see you made it to the island. Hope bessie holds together! Looking forward to seeing more.

mike rooney studios said...

denise- it seems everywhere you go at the beach the little ants are into everything. i cant seem to get rid of them. a lady told me you can catch them in a bowl of cooking grease. they get in there start eating and cant get out. i'm gonna try that.

doug- thanks man. hated the trip had to get cut short. read the post for thursday for the miraculous story about Bessie!