Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Painting Clairvoyant-SOLD

'07 and '08 STUDIO SALE

Here's a 10x8 from last year priced like an '09 small daily painting. this deal will be over soon so get em while you can. this is my studio painting palette. its glass where i mix the paint and the jar is medium i sometimes mix with the paint on larger paintings. thus the pun... painting medium= clairvoyant. ok... its a stretch.

Painted a few today from studies i did on ocracoke, but theyre so much like the studies that i wont be posting them. i've sold quite a few from the ones i did there, and another gallery wants a few of them to sell so i was repainting some. not nearly as exciting as being out in the field doing them for the first time, but hey a guys gotta eat! and buy kiteboarding gear! LOL

i'm gonna have to go back to ocracoke soon and do some more for Down Creek Gallery and the one on Hatteras Island. waiting for some better weather before making that long trip so i can maximize painting time.

Here's another one i finished up today.... Meredith College, an all girls school in Raleigh NC. i painted it plein air about a month ago to about 95% completion. i like to do the cars in the studio if at all possible. thats what i had to do today to get this ready to go to Art Source in Raleigh for graduation time sales.

Meredith College- 9x12

contact me if you would like to purchase this

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