Friday, May 22, 2009

Cottage Aglow-SOLD

Hatteras living at its best. this is from the "old cottage" neighborhood on the outer banks. the way the grass and side of the cottage lit up in the late spring sun contrasted with the cool cottage and grass shapes. i couldnt resist painting this one.

In other news, i have decided to close the homeless shelter i ran in goldsboro since 1996. a variety of reasons prompted the decision but i felt like the decision was just as sound as the one to open it, way back when. many men were blessed over the years, with a place to live and also to hear the gospel. you have to know when something is to end, just as much as when to start. it is sad tho'. i devoted almost 13 years to running this shelter and will miss (certain parts) of it for the rest of my life. Goodby City Mission.


Justin Holdren said...

Great painting Mike. Sorry to hear about the rescue Mission. I actually work at a Rescue Mission, my father in law is director of. We have multiple ministries, including a home for troubled teens and church work in Kenya.
i'm not painting full time yet, but my day job is a fulfilling one.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks man! it was hard shutting down a ministry i started from scratch and after 13 years. but there's a season for everything and i feel good about the decision to close.

God's blessings to you and your rescue mission and if he wants you to go full time and leave the ministry He will make it happen. keep slingin that paint!