Monday, May 11, 2009

Last Light in the Fields-SOLD

Did this Mother's Day afternoon. the sun was beautiful as it began to set, so i drove around and went down a dead end road and saw this beauty.

i left this morning for Ocracoke Island and Hatteras Island. i'll be painting here all week and traveling to raleigh to hold my Jerrys Artarama workshop on Saturday.
Poor Bessie (my pickup truck) with close to 340ooo miles is starting to make terrible noises but she's got to get me home, before she can get worked on. nothing worse than breaking down out of town. especially with a busy painting and teaching schedule. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that she can hold out 7 more days before going in the garage. might have to be looking for another dependable ride real soon. hope Bessie didnt hear that... LOL


Justin Holdren said...

Beautiful Mike! I was down east in Goldsboro on Saturday, delivering paintings to a show. There are some beautiful landscapes in that part of the state. Didn't you have a studio there once?

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man!
yes i did have a studio there once. now i'm totally at the beach.
where was your show? are you entering something into the juried show the arts council is having?

Justin Holdren said...

Mike, was submitting to the Wayne County Arts Council Juried Show, but didn't get in. THose things always come down to what the juror likes. I have been in a few juried shows and rejected from some too. Par for the course. I will be sellin paintings in their "art market" shop from now on, so that's good I guess.

mike rooney studios said...

the key to this art thing is 'paint,paint,paint' literally miles and miles of canvas!

you seem very passionate about it so i'll offer up this piece of advice from my own experience (just my two cents worth)
i read a book by kevin mcpherson (a great plein air painter and now very famous) when i was first starting out and he suggested doing 100- 5x7 and 6x8 "starts" which is massing in all the major shapes. dont worry about a finished painting just do the major masses. dont show anybody anything you do until you've done these 100 "excercises". i did that (and more) and the paintings are WAY better because of it. if you do this you'll see phenomenal growth and your dreams will come true.
p.s. i've got a weekend workshop in morehead city coming up first week of june, and i could work with you on whatever you want to. let me know by email if you want to sign up.
hope this helps.... now go paint a "start". only 99 more to go!