Friday, May 15, 2009

Tidal Pool and House-SOLD

A little ditty after my plein air setup tumbled into the high grass surrounding this tidal pool. i love the way the houses look so natural buried in the outer banks landscape. so organic looking. i dont know anything about architecture but i'm sure they design the houses to blend into their environment.
the lighting effect here was slightly over cast and very late in the day lit slightly from the far right. the front of the house in kind of three-quarter lit so you have to keep it in the shadow family but not too dark to capture the exact effect the light gives that form. this analysis and trying to capture the effect and describe form with pigment floating around in linseed oil is what keeps us painters humble. as for me....i'm rarely satisfied with my efforts to do it properly. so i go out the next day to try again, and then the next day to try again.


Aliaena said...

My first visit to you blog Mike and I really love this painting. Such beautiful colours. I'm just starting up my first blog - will add your ilnk and look forward to following your work in the future. All tehe best, Aliaena

mike rooney studios said...

aliaena- thanks for the kind words. glad you like this painting and thanks for adding the link. all the best to you too!