Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life Getting in the Way

sorry to not be posting this week but i've had to be busy closing the christian homeless shelter i started and ran for 13 years. a variety of reasons came up and in combination was like the "perfect storm" that was like three deadly storms combining out in the ocean that would wipeout anything in its path.
the combination of economic issues, personell problems, and other issues in combo delivered City Mission the knockout punch.
please bear with me until i shut the stores and the shelter and get all the legal mess behind me and i'll be back in a few more days posting paintings and blathering on like usual.
and if youre a prayer please put me on your list ....


Justin Holdren said...

You're in my prayers Mike. Ministries like the mission I work for that are still open are struggling because monetary donations are waaay down. But our needs are still being miraculously provided for each month. Hope you can finish up soon. I know you're ready to get back to slinging paint!

Tracy Bell said...

I am so sorry- I just emailed you regarding the shelter- bless you.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks man. its been tough watching this ministry go thru these changes but its Gods and He can do anything He wants with it. thanks for the prayers. and yes i'm dying to get back to slingin the pigments around in hopefully pleasing arrangements LOL

tracy- i appreciate your kindness!

Carol Schiff Daily Painting said...

Mike, there is nothing I can say, but I hope you will find comfort in thinking of all the people you have helped in the past 13 years.

mike rooney studios said...

thank you very much for that! many many men were housed and fed over the years and some even turned their lives around! for that i'm grateful to have been a part of God's wonderful undertaking.
Love your work BTW!

Anonymous said...

Mike- ironically as the needs seem to escalate, the services that provide them struggle as well.

A loss is a loss no matter how much rationalizing one does in ones' head.
So it's easier for an " outsider " to remind you of your dedication of 13 years which is an enormous giving of time and effort.

We do make a difference, even if we can't fix it all.

The balances in life are so undefined, we grapple with the right equations all the time.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for reminding me that we have to be greatful for any good we can do and remember "the poor (and derelict) will we have with us always"
you made me feel better hearing it..