Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bridge to Beaufort-SOLD

Here's one that was a real challenge. the day started out sunny and cloudless in the charming coastal town of Beaufort NC. Halfway thru the sun went behind some clouds and then it was gone. when this happens you have to decide what lighting effect you'll finish it out with. i decided to go with the overcast effect. i like the way it came out and looks just like it did from my spot on a pier, in front of the Beaufort Inn.


Anonymous said...

Great job on the challenge of flat atmosphere. No contrasts to rely on, just well seen values and misty color.

Nothing you can't do Mike.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnie- youre much too kind! these overcast days arent my fave time to paint, just trying to reproduce lighting effect and paint what i see
overcast days make the sunny, high contrast days a walk in the park!