Saturday, May 9, 2009

Close to Nirvana-8x8-unframed $275

$8 s/h
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Today i'm going to do a demo explaining how i begin a painting, all the way to completion.

My first steps are to draw the large masses like the winding road, the field to the right, the sky, and the dark trees. i then put cool paint (blues, purples, blood red) on all the shadow masses. then i put warm paint (yellow, orange, pink) on all the masses getting that mornings warm sun. at this stage it looks kinda weird because you might have orange trees, and pink sky.

cant let that weird you out. you have to ignore it sorta.

Here i've put somewhat realistic colors over the underpainting. this method works so well for me whether i'm indoors or out. i love the variety of temperatures and values it gives each shape and the pure color underneath each shape affects it in a very subtle way. you have to see this one in person! there's so much rich color that the computer monitor cant pick up. it quite simply glows. wow... thats what monet and sorolla were after too. its a painters "nirvana".

how do you like my little painting gizmo? it clips to my easel which is a piece of pegboard on a studio easel. the piece of wood on top holds the smaller pieces nice and tight with that bulldog clip. i can take it down off the easel as its shown and move it around to photograph if i want. all without touching the painting.... even on the sides. sweet!


Rene said...

Good idea how you've constructed the underpainting. I have to practise this, too.

Denise Rose said...

This is so cool! I love seeing how you use the bright colors in your underpainting. Your work always has such exciting colors and I love seeing how you begin.

Anonymous said...

love your choice of colours here, the shadow colours work so well here!