Monday, May 11, 2009

Recent Gallery Changes

I'm pleased to announce that i've had some recent changes in my gallery representation.

i'm sad to say that i will no longer be at Topsail Gallery in Surf City, Gaskins Gallery in Avon, or New Elements in Wilmington after many years of friendship and painting sales. i wish all these galleries the best. they were very good to me and i appreciate all they did to help me sell paintings.

i'm very pleased that i'll now be represented in Wilmington by Fountainside Gallery and i invite all my friends and collectors to visit the gallery to see some new work i just dropped off. i'm also represented by a new gallery on Hatteras Island (the Outer Banks) called Road's End Gallery. and lastly i'll have new work in the new Morris Whiteside Summer Catalogue in a few weeks.

Gallery relationships are much like any other relationship. Sorrow over ones that must change for different reasons and excitement over the new relationships for their new opportunities and possibilities. the one thing constant in life is change. its not good or bad, it just is.

i'll have links to my new galleries on my right sidebar, once they get my stuff up on their websites.

'09's gonna rock!


Anonymous said...

Mike- you've got the right attitude, the skills and the outlook to secure a good foothold for yourself in 09 and beyond.

I enjoy seeing how many diverse subjects you take on and most of all, the contagious joy that comes through your painting and your blog.

Go get em.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the kind words. i love what i do. travel all over the place, key west, cape cod, all over the beaches here, meet cool people,,,, whats not to love?
thanks for stoppin' by!