Friday, September 4, 2009

Beach Heather-6x8-SOLD

We dont have this beach plant, called Heather, in NC. i was amazed at the way it was spread out all over the dunes. so of course i had to do a painting of it. its from the "secret spot" joyce showed us a few days back.

Danny's House-9x12

to purchase email me or contact Sandpiper Gallery in Wellfleet

This one was done while standing on the roof of my pickup. it got me way up high were i could see the water in the background. i was parked near a playground and every last kid had to say "mommy why is that man standing on top of his truck". everywhere i go i feel like an oddity. even when i'm on the ground, people are amazed to see someone outside painting for some reason.

Done with a knife in the strict sense of the Cape Cod School technique. you should see all the subtle temperature changes in this one the computer screen just cant pick up.

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