Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Topsail Shimmer-6x6-SOLD

Sat up on the bridge going over to topsail island to get this one. everybody and their brother felt the need to gawk and honk their horns at me. at least nobody threw a coke can at me and knocked me off the railing into the water 100 feet below.

The Color Selection-a sketch-8x10
$50 unframed

i taught a private lesson this week and she wanted to learn the cape school technique so of course we painted blocks in the tradition of henry hensche.

Here she is wondering what color to mix.


Christopher Greco said...


mike rooney studios said...

chris- thanks man! you know how it is when youre out there on the side of the road with trucks wizzing by and you just heard about a dude run over changing his tire three times that distance from traffic!
you better be zenned out working or forget it!
i was literally a few feet from the line on the side of the road, on a bridge. did two. second one's going up this afternoon. thanks again

patricia walsh said...

Love this this the bridge to North Topsail over the "puzzle piece" islands in the inter-coastal? I have always wanted to paint there but was too afraid to even take pictures, very brave of you! I only spend one week a year down there but I will have to try to get up my courage for net year. Can I add your blog to the list of blogs on my blog? Take care.

mike rooney studios said...

patricia- its the bridge over to north topsail and yes it was a little sketchy being that close to the traffic. but everybody stayed on their side of the road and i got two paintings done up there. are welcome to list my blog on yours. thanks patricia!