Monday, September 21, 2009

SOLD-Small Town Shadows-6x6


This one from Selma NC this past sunday morning. something intriguing about the way awnings throw that huge shadow on the sidewalk, and the building's in shadow.
the key is to keep it colorful. i use these little vignettes to train my eye to see the colors in the shadows. at first glance they look like grays but look harder and see what color gray. Blue-gray, purple-gray, yellow gray.
the cape school technique of "full color seeing" makes you realize that there's nothing out there that's neutral gray. everything has a color identity.
Also... there's a blogpost on the Bald Head Island blog about the workshop i'm holding there at the end of october. go check it out!


Justin Holdren said...

Hey Mike! Love this one. Especially the shadow colors.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- shadows are alot of fun to paint arent they. lots of color in there most people paint dark and flat.