Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Glimpse-8x10

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the first painting when i got to cape cod

Second Glimpse- 8x10

to purchase- email me

was walking down the street while painting in provincetown today and met a california artist i love named jennifer mcchristian. i've been following her blog for a couple of years and recognized her sitting on a bench. how wild is that?

my wife will be astonished that somebody really was who i thought they were. i've mistaken folks a time or two, but not today.

Google "jennifer mcchristian blog" and check out her phenomenal work.


Frank Gardner said...

Dang Mike, I forgot that you were going to the Cape in August. These paintings are nice and your right. I'm jealous. I did not make it up there this summer.
Ha ha, I mistake people all the time too and dont recognize them when I should.
Did you bump into Jerome up there in P Town?

mike rooney studios said...

frank- dont know jerome tho i did see a guy draggin a french easel around. might have been him
the cape was an amazing place to paint and i'll get all the paintings up on the blog once i get back home. hard to do alot from the road isnt it?

Frank Gardner said...

Jerome uses a Guerilla Box, beard and pony tail. Are you still up in PTown or heading south?