Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marshallberg Waterway-5x7

Private collection- NFS

That house was the site of the Gloucester workshop i taught yesterday, and it was something to behold. we convered the basics of value, how to mix colors and i did a talk in the morning about how to pick out subject matter for a painting, and alot about the in's and out's of the process.
i did this painting for Faye, our gracious host as a thank you gesture.

Conch Point Houses- 16x12

contact me if you like it and we'll work something out

Trying to mix all the colors on the canvas and keep it very Cape School with the emphasis on the light, making even the ordinary subject "painting worthy". the light's the star.


Don Gray said...

Nice work, Mike! Yes indeed, light is always the star.

Steve said...

Mike, Faye's house is terrific. The colors are striking, and the first glance is all it takes to see the distance of the house as opposed to the boat, etc. from your vantage point. Hope it was a successful trip.

mike rooney studios said...

don- preesh the nice words! you are very adept yourself at showcasing it!

steve- it was a great trip...the ladies were very open to my instruction and the scenery where we were staying was stunning. what could be better.