Thursday, September 10, 2009

Red Boat Woods Hole-9x12

to purchase email me or contact Sandpiper Gallery -Cape Cod, Wellfleet Mass.
This one has a funny story.
i had been painting with all my gear in my hosts garage the night before i did this one. hurricane bill was raging with rain and wind and i decide to go paint. so i get down to woods hole (about 30 min drive) and realize i've left my easel, paint supplies everything in the garage. so i dig around in ole bessie (my 93 toyota) and find a few panels, a few old crusty paint tubes and a huge painting knife. one way too big to be doing a panel this size with, thats for sure! anyway.... gotta use it. its all i had. then it starts to rain on me and the panel's so wet the paint is sliding around. oil paint and water dont really go together. i just keep wiping of the panel and piling on the paint thicker and thicker until it starts to stick and here's what i ended up with.
moral of this story is... make sure you dont ever, ever go anywhere to paint far from ole bessie!

The Pilgrimage 2-14x18
in Hornberger Collection

Fourth Hole Wianno Club- 9x12
In Hornberger Collection

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