Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday in September-SOLD

8x6-oil on canvas board

Sold this one right off the easel this morning while painting on the street in a little town off 70 west business called Pine Level. it hasnt changed much in 40 years. thats why i like painting there. time seemed to have passed it by just like all the major highways over the years. no traffic, no growth.

its right down the road from Hinnant Winery where i painted the rest of the afternoon. i'll show you that one tomorrow. i've never been to italy but in my mind, its how i would think it looks. maybe i'll get to italy to paint in the near future, but for right now there seems to be plenty of places to paint where i dont have to leave "ole Bessie" at home. she loves a road trip as much as i do!

Dont forget that the deadline to sign up for the October Morehead City NC workshops on the 12-14th and 17th and 18th is fast approaching. the deadline to sign up is Midnite on Oct. 10th. Email me for the address to send the deposit check to if you'd like to come.

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