Sunday, September 6, 2009

PTown Alley-8x8-SOLD

Well, after almost 1000 miles headed south i've just got home from my whirlwind new england painting trip. was in Providence R.I. friday painting with Kathy Weber, one of my favorite bloggers and then on to the DC area to visit my mom. i'm back in carolina tonite. i added up all my miles since i left to go to cape cod, and returned, and its the same as a coast to coast trip. california is around 3ooo miles from NC, and thats what i've driven in the last two weeks (including all the day trips to provincetown from osterville on the cape) thats a lot of miles. thanks ole bessie for getting me there and back trouble free.
now i'll be concentrating on local carolina landscapes and city scenes to restock sold paintings in my galleries. always more work to be done.... or as i've heard since i was a kid, "no rest for the weary!"

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