Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ocracoke Rental-SOLD

5x6-oil on canvas board

A cottage over on the island of Ocracoke NC but very reminiscent of anwhere on the coast.

loved the light on the roof, railings and grass out front. will remind you of summer when its cold out in a few months!

today was filled with gallery, studio, and art business (trivial) errands. stuff that piles up on you when you are out of town on a painting trip. paintings need to be mailed out, galleries called to touch base, fix dinged frames, email upcoming workshop hosts, and a myriad of minutae to do. it has to be done but isnt very rewarding. its preparing for the months ahead. all part of being in the business of selling art and teaching the craft to others.

dont forget to sign up for my workshops in raleigh in november at the Art of the Carolina's Expo and Workshops. just google Jerrys artarama and art of the carolinas for a schedule. instructors are flying in from all over the country to teach and students come from all over the east coast (and some from the west) for this thing. the vendors sell art supplies at ridiculous prices and i usually buy six months worth of painting supplies that weekend to save money!


Kathy Weber said...

Great little painting!

mike rooney studios said...

kathleen- thanks. the sun on the thing got me so stoked to paint it. you know how that is.those paintings are always going to look better than the ones where youre not all that excited about it. cant wait to see what you've posted today.i'm on my way to yours!