Sunday, September 27, 2009

Falmouth Curve-8x10

(note: the pictures a little off kilter- the water doesnt go down hill in the painting LOL)


This one is from the cape cod trip. it was getting overcast but the sun was shining thru that one hole in the sky and backlighting the building. i thought i was going to have to work on it some in the studio but ending up liking it, as is, after being away from it all this time.

what a great week i've had. spent two days waterside near corebanks in Gloucester two days, and finished it off with three days on Bald Head Island, off mainland Southport. there arent any cars over here and you have to go everywhere by golfcart. i was doing demos all day at their Food and Wine Festival and decided to stay on to paint for my gallery over here. the suns just now trying to come out after rain and clouds all day yesterday and this morning, so i'm off to do my thing! as one of my friends always says,....."enough frivolity!"

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