Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tending Roses-5x4-SOLD


in this one i'm doing a high key painting meaning the darkest darks are maybe a tad darker than a medium value. the range of values is severely narrowed and gives the piece more of a feeling of atmosphere and light bouncing around. one of the tools in the impressionists of old's toolbox. alot of claude monet's stuff was high key. he was after that elusive light effect where everything looks sun-filled.

Shimmering Water- 6x8
$390 framed
at Woods Gallery on Bald Head Island
Love this area of the island and always see something to paint. did an overcast painting from here last time i went. it looked totally different today with the sun reflection coming out from behind the tree and the clear, early morning skies after the previous days Nor'easter.

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