Wednesday, January 27, 2010

#1-Key West Alley-8x6-SOLD


Yellow Door Blue Shutters-8x6

Off to a great start on the 50 for $50 Series! Two sales on the streets painting today and a commission for a series of palms ordered by email from one of my fave repeat collectors K.B. in Raleigh. thanks K!

ive found a common denominator for places i love to paint.... they have certain things in common and if the place has these things, you can bet i'll want to spend lots of time there. here are a few off the top of my head. the place will have-- the thermometer stuck on 70-80 degrees. it will be surrounded on at least two or three sides by water, and will have non-stop tours being given all day downtown.

the keys are a funny mix of bohemian types. from the offbeat, to those just trying to escape the winter chill. rich and poor rub shoulders down here daily without any sign of class distinction. millionaires and debutants hang with drugrunners and scalliwags and its hard to tell which is which.

whats not to like about a place where youre not judged on what you have or dont have, and that you dont have more or less value, because of what you own or dont.


Steve said...

Mike, congratulations on your fast start. Like you said, there's not much to not like about being there. Maybe me opining that you'd sell right off the easel helped get your karma jump-started, so I'm gonna say it again-you'll be selling right off the easel. I bet if you do something with the cruise ships over at the docks that you'll sell 'em to the folks when they're loading up to leave. Can you do 3 at a time?
Rock on,

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the good mojo! i might take your advice and get over to the cruise liner dock. saw it pulling out tonite at sunset. that thing must hold a couple thousand people all eager for a souveneir. i'll be needing the cash. its a little pricey round these parts. well it is their "season" so they gotta make all the $ they can.