Sunday, January 17, 2010

Charleston Blue House-8x8

contact me for availability and price if you like this one

Kinda been slack on the blog lately. this year started off with a bang. two back to back workshops, and lots of planning for a possible workshop i'm planning in italy, in addition to getting ready for my two month exodus to key west next week. oh yeah i have to spend at least a little time with my family before i leave (or the wifey gets mad). did i mention i had to paint some too, since thats what they tell me i am. dont feel like it sometimes.

this economy has made my self marketing efforts even more important, so i keep that in mind if i feel guilty when i'm not painting every minute. if you dont sell them, you dont get to keep doing it.

todays painting is from a cold charleston sc morning a few weeks back. sat in the cab of my truck with the heat and cd player cranking to do this one.

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