Monday, January 18, 2010

258 Barn-5x7-SOLD

Got to jump out and paint this on the way back from the last workshop. these little barns are dotted all over eastern NC. alot of times they hung tobacco in them to cure. now most of em are used to store farm equipment or hay. Gonna start scanning these small ones so when they sell i can still use them as a study for a larger painting. mixing and holding it up to an image on paper is more accurate than looking at the computer screen. since the computer screen is actually throwing light at the paint or the back of the knife (when you hold it up to the screen) its nearly impossible to get the value and color correct off a computer screen.
i've got one more workshop here in carolina this sunday at Jerrys Artarama in raleigh. its a one day class and there's a spot or two available, last i heard. let me know if you want me to hold you a place.
Still getting some info together for the Tuscany Italy workshop but wont know anything for a few weeks. i do know its in september for 10 days. i'll probably be teaching five half days. you and your honey get to chill in tuscany the rest of the day until we cook and eat the authentic "poor food" that tuscany is famous for. if youre interested let me know and i'll get you some prices etc when i get it all sorted out.

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