Friday, January 29, 2010

#8-Stock Island Boat 6x8-SOLD

#7-Midday Boats-6x8

#6- Overhanging Palm-6x8

I have found the perfect plein air vehicle, this trusty bike. i can park free anywhere in key west (saves me $10 a day) and peddle to all kinds of places to paint that you cant reach by car. i went on Stock Island today and was able to peddle up to all kinds of out-of-the-way places. ive got at least two weeks worth of spots picked out on Stock Island alone! i'm thinking of adding a bike permanently to my plein air gear arsenal. it would be great around wrightsville beach during the summer and in Provincetown (cape cod) when i head up there in the fall. the streets are narrow up there like they are here in key west and parking is expensive. the long walk finding paintings can wear you out before you even pick up the brush.

this photo is in the Key West cemetary, a beautiful place to paint in the late afternoon when all the sepulchers and grave stones are lit up with yellowy/orange light on one side, and purple/blue color on the shadow side.

theres a full moon tomorrow night and if its not real cloudy i'm going to attempt a nocturnal painting in the marina on Stock Island. the last time i tried a nocturnal was a trip to key west i took two years ago. some street thug kids started throwing rocks at me while i was painting. i tell everybody i got "stoned" that night. literally! LOL

Hopefully tomorrow night will be uneventful but you never know.


Steve said...

Man, that cemetery will be beautiful piece...can't wait to see it. When we hook up, Mike, we can paint back-to-back if things get too rough LOL.
Have fun!

mike rooney studios said...

steve- when youre out and about you never know what youre going to run throwing rocks, old ladies running you out from in front of their conch house with a water hose, or what! we'll have a blast on marathon,,, unless you want to do it in key west? your lesson, your choice. either way we'll have a blast.
keeping it warm down here for you till you get down here LOL