Friday, January 22, 2010

Kitchen Building- Bartlett House-8x10

$275 unframed
contact me for availability if you like this one
you can get it in the next couple of months but it'll be going to Tidewater Gallery when i get back from my trip if it hasnt sold here first
Heading over to raleigh to teach at Jerrys Artarama on sunday and then off to key west on monday morning.

50 for $50 Series

i've decided to do a "50 for $50 Series" while in the keys. i'll do at least 50 daily size paintings while i'm down there, and sell them for $50 to the first one to email me for it after its posted online.
It'll be first come, first served based on the time stamp on the email
the dailys from the keys were extremely popular last year, so i decided to commit to doing 50 of them!
thats almost one every day that i'll be there. sounds daunting when i say it, but since i love to paint so much it sounds fun, and i cant wait to do it!


Justin Holdren said...

Have fun in the Keys Mike! My family lived in Florida for a year when I was 17. I was there a few years ago for a cruise, but I need to get back down there for a painting trip because there are some beautiful scenes. I really love Key west and that whole area. It's a painters paradise!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- youre right! it is paradise. thus the two month stay!
i went from my first stay of 7 days to 10 last year and hated to leave and said if theres anyway i can swing longer i would. well it did! sweet. watch for stuff daily that will make you jealous of me being in 80 degree sunny days, starting next wednesday LOL! i know. i'm mean :D

Douglas Hoover said...

Mike, after two months there... you're gonna be ruined! Ha!

Sound like a great time and a great challenge... might have to grab a Rooney original myself.

Have a blast while you're there, man! Catch up with you soon.

mike rooney studios said...

doug-i want to hone my skills on this series. try out my "chops" so to speak. large brush, direct paint strokes, thick paint which will MAKE me be decisive.all this will help my bigger work in the end. anything you do a hundred times will make you better! when i get back from the keys i'm gonna go hang out in ocracoke. thats if i come back :D
maybe i'll run into you over there on my other fave island! see you then. wish you would get one you like.... daddy gotta buy baby shoes from this trip! LOL