Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wanchese Airstream-6x6-SOLD

Charleston Morning-10x8
ok... two workshops down, one to go till i leave for key west.
I'll be teaching a one day workshop at Jerrys Artarama (classroom) in raleigh on Sunday January 24th. if you'd like to learn how to loosen up, and really put color in your paintings why not call sharon at jerrys and sign up. its for beginners thru advanced and there are a few slots still open.
went out plein air painting with my friend sue today and we headed over to wanchese to paint in the first weather this year above 40 degrees. the water was frozen and the fishing boats had to break thru the ice to get out into the sound. that was cool to see. doesnt happen unless its been real cold for a long time.
i did the little airstream above, and two more 8x10's, while we were there, which i'll try to post tomorrow.


Michael Weaver said...

Hey Mike,

This must be national "don't pay your architect" month so I don't have the extra cash to purchase the Airstream right now. If it is still available when the eagle flies, I'll get back in touch with you.

The only thing I didn't like about "Carolina Fields" is the raw edge. Do you typically buy the 6" x 12" boards and cut them in half or was that just an exception? I'm not too excited about making another purchase with a cut edge. Yeah, I'm weird that way.

Michael Weaver

mike rooney studios said...

youre exactly right. i used to cut a 6x12 in half but that was the exception and not the rule.
but now i cut masonite on a table saw and gesso four times. really nice!
this airstream is on the masonite, so no worries
i guess you werent framing it where the cut side wouldnt show.
how are you displaying them?

Michael Weaver said...

Right now, I just have a few unframed pieces in a china cabinet. They fit in the groove that is supposed to hold the plate edge, but the lightng is bad. I take them out and look at them when I need a boost. I haven't been to the framers. In addition to yours, there are two Tom Brown pieces and two George Coll pieces I'd rather spend my money on instead of framing. Do you have a suggestion on how they should be framed?

mike rooney studios said...

i know that being only 6x6 the framer would be using some scrap so it'll be way cheap!
glad you told me that not everybody frames these small dailies.i'll never cut 6x12's in half ever again.

Michael said...

It's not that I don't want to have them framed. It's just that it sucks to be an architect right now. Made less money in 2009 than I did 10 years ago. I have good "accounts receivable" but what good is that? Kroger won't take it. Good point about the framer using scrap though. I'll go to "Up Against the Wall" tomorrow and see what they have available.

mike rooney studios said...

i know all about "being rich" because i had tons of people owing me in the sign business but if theyre not paying for 60-90 days it makes the cash flow erratic! hang in my friend. better times are ahead!