Thursday, January 28, 2010

#5-Keys Airstream-6x8-SOLD


#4-Swaying Palm-6x8

#3-Upright Palm

OK, here it is! a key west sunset from mallory square, the southernmost spot you can see one without being in havana. ive been painting everynight when the sun was going down, so this is my first one this trip.

tonite there were several hundred people lined up around the water to watch the sunset in Mallory Square. when it finally slips below the horizon everybody cheers. its a real event and you can see why.

i took a shower in the outdoor shower last night. it was about 68 degrees at 10 pm.

sunsets and outdoor showers in january. as you can see, it doesnt take a lot to make me happy now does it?


Justin Holdren said...

68 degrees at night? And we are getting a winter storm this weekend. Guess I'll have to settle for some snow painting!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- gotta paint what youre given right? those guys from up in new england do some nice snow scenes (colin page in particular). marc hanson from minnesota too. check em out

Justin Holdren said...

Yeah love their work. Been a fan of marc hanson for years.