Monday, January 11, 2010

Charleston Battery Sidestreet-8x8-SOLD

Missed me didnt you? been awhile since i posted by my standards

what do they say? absence makes the heart grow fonder?

i apologize but youve gotta know i'm knee deep in my second back-to-back workshop. i'm on a teaching blitz! its kinda like painting, there's a groove that happens and its either working or its not. so far so good. this nags head/manteo crowd is a group of fast learners because tracy bell is their regular teacher and kinda organized for me to come in and hit 'em with some new stuff. tracy does a good job of teaching her "crew" the basics so theyre catching on really quick.

we covered values all day today, only painting with a dark color adding white to get five different values. then we spent a good deal of time learning how to "sight size" draw. a very good way of quickly and accurately drawing figures, buildings, etc.

the result are that you had some students with less than a half dozen paintings under their belt, turning out some really decent stuff! Hooray. tomorrow we'll cover color mixing any color imaginable (and out of a magazine) with only red,yellow, blue and white paint.

now..... i have a very large can of RedBull calling my name, so i must go for now

almost forgot..... i'm planning a painting trip for 10 days to Tuscany italy, in late september. i'll teach half a day for about three days, you can take mornings with two other teachers i'm partnering with, you can paint or sightsee around in the afternoon and we'll teach, cook and eat italian food (and drink wine-if you so choose) in the evenings (along with hanging out and talking art, i'm sure)

so if this sounds like something you'd be interested in email me and i'll shoot you the details.


francesca said...

Could I hide in your suitcase and go along to Tuscany??????? I can't wait to read your posts and see the paintings. Soooo neat Francesca

mike rooney studios said...

if you can fit youre welcome to go in my luggage. dont know how TSA will like that tho!