Monday, January 25, 2010

Wanchese Pair-8x10

i'm on the road heading to the keys so i'm posting this one from my Nags Head painting trip a few weeks ago. its from one of my fave marina's in Wanchese. keeping it loose on this one while maintaining accuracy.
tonite, i'm in flagler beach florida about 500 miles from the keys. i'm always amazed that even being this far down into florida after driving all day (8-9 hrs) that i'm still 500 miles from key west.
hope to be painting tomorrow near the wharf, the first of my "50 for $50 Series" after which i'll drink a Red Bull and watch a sunset from the southern most spot in the states.
in the last four years i've spent most of my money on paint and Red Bull. the rest i've just wasted. :D


Boardy said...

Hope you stopped in to get a shrimp salad sandwich from Annie

Justin Holdren said...

Hope you have a great trip Mike. I'll pray ole bessie keeps you safe!

mike rooney studios said...

cant remember... who's annie?

justin- bessie did the trip great. thanks. prayers are whats keeping her making these long trips like a trooper. no ticks, whines or rattles like last year. also got here last year and saw a bald spot on a tire that freaked me out when i thought how many miles i went on it. you could read a newspaper thru the tread. had to run and put a tire on it the first day i was here last year. no such maladies on this trip thank you Jesus!