Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Binky's Boatyard-8x10


sorry y'all. after 9 hours of driving and getting re-aquainted to the key west traffic and street names, moving two months worth of stuff into the place i'm staying, then painting number one of fifty, i'm too bushed to shoot a pic of it and upload to the blog. i'll be fresh as a daisy tomorrow and i'll get it up tomorrow night for sure.

getting down here is a marathon drive but "ole bessie" made the trip like a champ! she's the best! loaded with so much stuff (and a 11 foot paddleboard sticking out about four feet) that she sat REAL low in the back right on the shocks. made for a bumpy ride. but all my stuffs here (kitesurfing gear and other toys included) along with about 90 painting panels (ranging from 6x6 and 6x8 to 8x10) ready to capture my two month stay at the southernmost spit of land in these united states!

lets try something new too...
if you have any requests for a "custom" daily painting (6x6,6x8) for the $50 i'll try to accomodate you. just let me know what you'd like your painting to be of and i'll go paint it for you. as long as it has general appeal to the rest of the buying public you dont have to buy it if you dont like it for some reason. hows that for personal service?

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