Sunday, May 18, 2008

Behind Holt Seafood- 6x8

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I love snooping around behind buildings near the water. thats where you get scenes like this. i just made a homemade pochade painting box that is so light, its a dream to paint with. ive been struggling with the flue but went out today to test drive the new pochade box and the sun on this boat just had to be painted. i felt better when i finished this one and like the way it came out. been working on simplifying things the last several paintings and i need to do it on EVERY one.


Antony Bridge said...

a brilliant painting, love the brushwork.

Unknown said...

mike, glad you are able to get out and about and are feeling better. pochade box...can't wait to hear how it worked out. master of invention!
love your newest painting AND the one at Sheraton. good day..great painting. make it another good one today. wish commitments/distractions, etc. didn't get in my way.
new art space coming along.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks antony-
went to your site. you might be interested in my new design. i took a tripod mount and gorilla glued it to a 6x8 piece of plexiglass. i can wind it up to the perfect height, tilt it at different angles too. then i strap a lighweight box/palette to the legs of the tripod around waist high. this get up is light, versatile, and cheap. all my favorite words.
some of the brushwork is knife too.
liked your works and website too. thanks for stopping by the blog. come again soon antony.

as you can see by todays posts i've been a busy boy.
dont let anything stand in the way of painting, all else is must wait!! thats the plan anyway....
thanks for bopping over