Monday, May 12, 2008

Skys the Limit

High bid on Wanchese Sunset is now Angie in Raleigh at $25. are you going to let her steal this 6x12 original oil painting for less than a seafood dinner? NO... well bid then :)
bidding ends friday.
see may 9 post below for image and details if youre wondering what i'm talking about

Sky at Dusk- 6x8-original oil painting on canvas board
AVAILABLE-highest bid over $10 sent in the next few days wins it. email your highest bid with 'sky at dusk' in the subject line to
this ones a wanchese sunset after a big storm went thru. the clouds were awesome, puffy and a beautiful color. i started with a few lines in magenta and boldly laid on the shadow colors, then blocked in the blue of the sky, then thickly applied the lightstruck side of the clouds. soooo much fun to try to capture such a fast moving object!
on this one, the highest bid over $10, sent in the next few days will win! on this one, i wont post the bids at all. its like a sealed envelope auction where you put the MOST you're willing to bid. you dont watch it and bid a little higher as you go. whats the most its worth to ya? $10 might win it you never know do you?
i'll only add $5.00 shipping (in the u.s.) and $10 (canada.) Good Luck!


paintingsbyb.price said...

Had a great time at your Workshop on sat. went real big with the small study of Bodie light, check it out.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks brad,it was a great time. love the larger version you did of the lighthouse. has that same cool lighthouse in it and kept the loose spontaneous feel of the little one. cant wait to see if you do any more from your quick studies. i've got a two day workshop starting tomorrow in new bern (11 for sure signed up-LOL)and then i'm going to do a few bigger ones from my studies too. great day and good times, lets do it again!