Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Entries for Thur May 8th

thought i'd share the exciting news! click here to see the cover for the new DVD i taped a few weeks ago, straight from production.
this is a huge project for me as jerrys artarama is a chain of nationwide art stores with huge internet and catalogue sales. i'm hoping these DVD's (another to be filmed next month) will expose me to a nationwide audience, and could get me nationwide workshop gigs. that would be sweet.
the plein air book i'll be in is slated to come out before Christmas and will be in Borders, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Our State catalogue, among others. PBS (NC)is talking about doing a series of specials showcasing individual artists in the book for their network.
my head is swimming at the prospects of what all this media and print attention could do for the old career. its in Gods hands one way or the other so, as jackie gleason so aptly put it......"away we go!"


Frank Gardner said...

Art Made Easy. Hmm, I should have gotten that one 25 years ago.
Bob Ross Jr. huh? LOL and LOL again. You need a white man's afro wig and then maybe I'll catch the resemblance.
Congrats on all that Mike. You should be proud. Have you seen the edit?

mike rooney studios said...

yeah art made easy (not my idea). kinda like brain surgery for dummies *)
i'm practicing guarded enthusiam about the DVD's and book because i dont want to get all worked up about it and nothing come of it. you know...
i havent seen the final cut yet, i dont think its finished. we did a bunch of 10-15 minute shorts of tips etc that'll be on YouTube. they should hit the internet and on the website soon too.
let me know if you get close to nc when you travel to the right coast this summer. i'd love to strew some paint wicha!