Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pivers Island Marina-8x10

This ones at Vision Gallery and wont be sold until the day of the show (late June)

Found a new marina today while out driving down dead end roads and hugging the edge of the water trying to find painting stuff. i like this place and see lots of paintings there. i'll be back there next week. it has good parking and not many tourists. a dream spot!

Not for sale until opening night of my upcoming show in june at Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach.
check my right side bar for the date
i'm furiously painting to get ready for the upcoming show and have been scouring Atlantic Beach/Beaufort and Morehead City for subject matter.
i really like the ground on this bottom one. i took a knife and scraped it on and it really did the trick adding tons of light to this painting. a knife is a very valuable tool and adds just the right amount of looseness to look like a dusty dirt road.


Denise Rose said...

Both paintings are very nice Mike! I just watched your DVD on the Topsail houses painting this weekend. You are very helpful in your instruction and it is cool to see how you paint and now follow along on your blog to see finished works! I hope to give some of your tips a try sometime soon!

mike rooney studios said...

so glad you liked the dvd. if youre a brush painter just use that of course. i go back and forth from knife to brush but its all the same.
the big thing is the process, like underpainting, layering new color over that and proceeding until its finished.
do you paint brush or knife or like me combo like me

Douglas Hoover said...

Mike, just wanted to let you know my socks are knocked off... Pivers Island Marina is a great painting. Man, you've captured the feeling fer sure!

Might need to pick up your dvds to relive the painting-with-mike experience!

take care, bud.

mike rooney studios said...

doug-- so glad you wrote in english and not the one above yours LOL

thanks man. Pivers Island Marina was a difficult painting because of all the elements. boats. docks, houses, trees etc.all on an 8x10. but i just tried to forget what they were and paint what shapes i saw and do em in whatever color, temp and value i saw. appreciate your kind words. it'll be the post card for my upcoming show at Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach come late july

Kathy Weber said...

Good parking and not many tourists- sounds like a dream. Nice paintings!

mike rooney studios said...

kathy- the only time i hate a crowd is when the painting is not working and i'm frustrated with it. if its going smooth folks telling me about the artists in their family dont bother me too much. you probably dont have this problem much painting in your front seat eh?