Thursday, September 17, 2009

Barn and Truck-9x12-SOLD


'07 and '08 Studio Sale
Here's one from the rural NC hiway's last summer. the state's full of old rusty trucks and old buildings like this.
Save on this painting, that's selling now, for not much more than my new smaller works.

India Point Boats-8x10


Painted this with one of my fave bloggers Kathy Weber in Rhode Island. She loves boats as much as i do, and thats alot!

Looking Out Over P'Town- 12x16

Commission- SOLD

Had fun repainting this scene for a commissioned piece. i moved some buildings around making the composition better and changed a few shapes for the better. This one came together effortlessly using a photo reference for the drawing part and a previous painting for the color notes.


Anonymous said...

"Looking out over P'town" just sooooo neat....I wanna walk down that lane.Brushwork so confident as can be seen on the enlargement. A real inspiration MR F in NM (I'm not really 'anonymous'.....just havent figured out what buttons to hit below Happy Painting

Janice said...

What a wonderful painting!!! This is the town I would love to live in. Your colors are beautiful!!!

mike rooney studios said...

francessca- thanks. i think the confidence comes from painting every day. it was a beautiful town thats for sure

jan- glad you liked it! i just painted the colors that i saw on that beautiful day in that awesome town!