Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One Eye on the Sea-9x12

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This is one from my Cape trip. its in Eastham, Mass. and is the Capt. Penniman house and was the most expensive house on the cape in its time. can you imagine that? the house sits way up on the highest bluff in the area and has a spectacular view of the outer cape coastline for miles and miles in both directions. what a sweet pad this guy had!

He was the owner of a whaling ship and made his fortune with whale blubber that people, i guess, burned in lamps (pre-electric lights era) and other products made out of the whale.

i named this piece "one eye on the sea" because they say that when he wasnt sailing looking for whales that he'd get up in that cupola on the very top of the roof and watch his family play around the grounds of the house, but he'd always keep one eye on the sea!

i loved the way parts of the house lit up yellowy-orange in contrast to those sweet purple-lavender shadows.


Rick Nilson said...


I paint just enough architecture to appreciate how well this is executed. Well Done!

mike rooney studios said...

rick- thanks man! it was tuff in that really fast shifting shadows of the late afternoon. with all that architectural detail i had to work fast and try to stay accurate.
i love your arch. too. your beach house stuff is great.