Saturday, January 30, 2010

#9-Near Mallory Square-SOLD

8x6- $50

Started out the day on a bad note painting in flat overcast light. i hated it real bad and i'll be gessoing over it for sure. chalk that one up to practice. i should know better than to paint when the lights so flat. booo!

rode around looking for something to paint most of the day. nothing was striking my fancy. really hate that silvery light you get when the sky's real milky looking with high thin clouds. there arent any shadows! i should have called it a day but thought i'll ride the bike down around Mallory Square when i saw this orangey building lit up with bright signs and people walking around everywhere. set up in front of the Weston hotel thinking maybe somebody from the sunset celebration crowd would buy it. had a few bites but couldnt get any buyers. gave out a lot of biz cards tho'. you never know when somebody'll check you out online and decide to buy one.

did take an order for a commission earlier in the day that i can go do when this front passes monday night. need some cloudy weather where i can slow the pace down some. i'm getting tired and a bit rundown from all the peddling, painting, and 12 hour days.

Stand up paddleboarding in the mangroves tomorrow morning should get me jazzed back up. been here a week and havent gotten wet once yet. all work and no play makes mike a dull boy!


Sharon DiGiulio said...

Life is SO TOUGH in the Keys, yes?
Hope you're having a blast...sounds like it. Love reading your blog.
See ya, Sharon

mike rooney studios said...

sharon- getting used to having twenty-something roomates. havent had any of those in quite a few years, uhummmm! LOL
heard you all had snow last night. too bad so sad, gotta go crank up the a/c, its getting a little hot in here. sorry... come back and see me on the blog!