Monday, January 4, 2010

Charleston Harbor View-6x6

just as the sun was setting i stood on the dock of the Charleston Harbor Marina and dashed this one out. the blaze yellow-orange sliver was a great contrast to the cool blues and purples and the cool whites.

Ive got a workshop in the nags head/manteo, nc, area that has one spot open. its a three day and starts next monday. if you'd like to sign up, let me know.

here's a step-by-step demo of a 12x16 painting on a stretched canvas headed to Outer Cape Auctions for their February auction

Step one- laid in a wash of alizarin crimson with just a touch of green in it for the shadow shapes. then i laid in yellows in some of the warm shapes.

Step two- laid in some of the realistic shadow colors. greens, blues, and purples.

Step three- here ive laid in the sun shapes with more realistic colors

Cape Street Vignette-12x16

$450 unframed

Email me if you want it before it ships to Outer Cape Auction


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike and Happy New Year.
I love this transformation from underpainting to finish.
It's always such an unexpected surprise to see how you get from that to this.

You're a painting inspiration.
Love to see what you've been up to.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks! is the ending so different from the beginning? Just kidding. it does look way different. but i wouldnt get the look i'm after if i didnt start it like i do.
thanks for the nice words.
happy new year to you too!