Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charleston Ride-6x8-SOLD


when youre on the streets painting, you cant go five minutes without seeing these horse and carriages sauntering around charleston. they add to the charm of the city.

i've got a workshop starting next week in rocky mount, nc and i'm getting stoked since its been a few months since i last taught. i get such a kick out of watching someone have that "aha" moment. theyre looking at me after i explain something and theyre dazed and confused. then i say something else and all of a sudden the light comes on! WoW, i get it!

thats too cool when it happens. makes up for some of the frustrations that teaching inevitably has. one is having multiple levels of proficiencies, from absolute beginners to painting, all the way up to professional painters all in the same class. that can be difficult. you dont want to go over the beginners head and you dont want to bore the more advanced in the class. its a high wire act, for sure. thats what makes it challenging and satisfying.

if you'd like to have me do a workshop in your city all you have to do is get 6 other students lined up and i'll give you your workshop free. just drop me an email and we'll work out a date.


Rick Nilson said...


unless my monitor is really messed up, this does not look like a square to me. I like the way you captured the mules.

mike rooney studios said...

rick- wow, thanks. youre right its 6x8. appreciate it. too much work, too little sleep