Thursday, January 21, 2010

Side by Side-6x8-SOLD


Found this little tip on the internet so i tried it out and loved it! thought i'd pass it on.
take an old phone book and put it on your taboret. when you want to clean the knife or brush use the top page. when the page is full tear it off. the paper in a phone book is extremely absorbent so it soaks in the dirty thinner out of the brush like a sponge. you can even clean the palette with it.
this saves tons of paper towels and the time it takes to tear them off the roll every few color changes. not to mention recycling old phone books.
i'll paint even faster now!


Boardy said...

Thanks for all of the handy tips!

mike rooney studios said...

b- youre welcome man! glad to help

Michael Weaver said...

Does the ink of the phone book not get in your brush and alter the next color?

mike rooney studios said...

i've not had that works great and i dont have to buy near as many rolls of paper towels (which can add up in a years time)
give it a try! said...

Haven't used with a brush yet-just palette knife and it works great. Thanks for the tip! Also have a small phone book which will work well for plein aire.