Friday, February 29, 2008

Across from Nonna's-12x9-oil on c.b.

At Pea Island Gallery

Well i'm in Delray Florida. we drove 12 hours all night with no sleep. got to the motel about 9 and slept a few hours then woke up and did this one a block off the beach. I could paint here a week if we werent going to key west. this place is beautiful and a painters paradise. everywhere i looked i saw something i wanted to paint. tomorrows image should be from key west if all goes well. took the photo of this one from the motel lamp and all the colors are washed out. specifically wanted to paint the whole painting with a large (3/4") brush. this kept is pretty loose and detail-less. just big shapes. tune in tomorrow for one from the farthest point south on the east coast.


vickibalint said...

i like this one, mike. can't wait to see the key west one.
do you have any of the OBX? i'm looking, love your stuff.

paintingsbyb.price said...

if ya'll go back to delray go to Elwood's BBQ 301 atlantic ave. I used to work there tell Rooster said hello. I used to work there back in 94-98. Great place to get some BBQ and great music.

paintingsbyb.price said...

tell them Rooster (was my nickname)said hello.

mike rooney studios said...

was painting this one and a lawyer wants me to paint three commissions for his condo of local delray stuff like this one. got any ideas? youre from there and probably know the perfect spots. supposed to go back to delray end of the week to paint them and see james kerrs opening in a gallery there. i think the guy that runs the gallerys name is vincent casace (or something like that)
speaking of rooster.... theyre all over the place down here in key west and i woke to the sound of them crowing this morning. thats a trip.

paintingsbyb.price said...

The bbq place would make a great painting its an old gas station, right beside the train tracks, I think there might even be a telephone pole(lol). Alantic ave. is the main street. Great blues and jazz bar. Lots of old bluidings. Atlantic ave. draw bridge is pretty cool. 2-3 blocks west of bbq would be the gallery v. cacace. great park on the ocean front 2 miles north of atlantic on A1A if you pass the town of trailer parks you've gone to far. There also is a great little old neighborhood past Nomad Surf shop somewhere right before the trailer town.Hope this helps somewhat.