Monday, February 18, 2008

Caddy- 12x16-oil on gallery wrap canvas

Let me know if you want this one
$340- needs no frame+ shipping+tax for nc residents
loved this old caddy sitting in the guys yard like he just parked it there a few minutes ago but the grass growing around it told the real story. it had been years if not decades since she has seen the highway.
the piece has a nostalgic, retro feel to it with the old non-descript house in the shadows.
didnt paint today during the day. i feel a midnite oil session coming on tonite tho. just bought a persimmon, pear and some radishes to paint. so i'll probably be up till 2 or 3 doing the nightowl shift. painting then is meditative because everybody else in the world is asleep and all you hear is the occassional car going by on Hwy 17. carole marine is getting me jazzed with her still lifes of fruit. i look at them night and day so if my stuff looks too much like hers thats why. i'll develope my own distinctive look after a while. i'm not trying to rip her off, just absolutely love the abstract nature and her bright warm underpaintings. i do this somewhat in landscape painting but i want to start nailing it in still life work as well. see below .....Clairvoyant Medium to see what i mean..

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