Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the Road

I'm on the road to nags head today to do a three day workshop. was beautiful weather today so i stopped in nearby mann's harbor and did a small 6x6 but didnt get the digital pic of it so i cant post it tonite. i'll get it on here tomorrow.

was asked by the client to pull the images of the commissions until she recieves them in hand next week. i accidently erased what i had written for that entry so i'll enter it back on todays entry and post the image when i get the go ahead. it was called

Twilite Cartwheel-24x30-oil on canvas

Painted the underpainting plein air (outside) and finished this one up in the studio where i used a photo of the tower (i took) of this fleeting lighting effect the day i was blocking-in the painting plein air. the sun lit up the tower as the sun slipped low in the sky and the lower part of the buildings went into shadow. this lighting effect on lasts 5-10 minutes at the most, so memory and a photo were all i needed in the studio.
have never painted anyone upside down before. this was a first.

really concentrating on energetic brushwork layering the natural color over its compliment. these two techniques make for a loose and colorful rendering of a tight architectural subject. keeps it "painterly". this is what the client specifically asked for. had so much fun painting this one and i think it shows.
found some linseed oil and made carole marine's medium potion and i loved it. it makes the paint spreadable and slippery which makes it go on easier, makes a little paint go on like a ton of paint and it kept its opacity. my way of working is laying some on transparently in layers and in other areas working very opaquely so this stuff is magic. try it, you'll love it. its somewhere in my previous post from yesterday or day before.

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