Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The "Ahhhaa" Factor

No paintings to post today because its the 2nd of a two day workshop, teaching in Manteo.

I love the Ahhhhaa Factor. what is it? its when you (or someone else) gets something for the very first time-- it makes sense! WOW!
maybe you've heard it before, or a thousand times, but this time.....Ahhhaa i get it!
i love when it happens to me and i love it in the workshop envirionment when after a day or two goes by where i'm teaching, when you hear from across the room "Ahhhhaaa i just got it! WOW i see now what youre talking about!". it might be how to get that elusive color of whatever, or how to draw buildings with the right perspective, anything like that. i love when i have one of those moments too! theyre momentous to no one but the person who's getting it. arent they wonderful tho when youre on either end of an "Ahhhaa" moment?

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