Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beach Cul-de-Sac 1- 18x24- oil on canvas

At Carolina Creation Gallery
I really like this image as you can see. i've painted it several times in the last few months. the 16x20 sold right away so.... heres the 18x24 . its my wifes favorite and she really doesnt say that much. it looks so dreamy and i'd love to live in the cottage on the right of the painting wouldnt you?
i first started it with magenta washes in acrylic and then i laid in a soupy oil and medium wash in the realistic colors. once this is done you can see what you've got and the light key is established. i feel more and more comfortable working bigger (for me anything over 12x16 is huge) now that i'm using a stand oil and thinner medium to make the shapes soupier. then i work drier and drier because the shape itself has some slide to it. keeping it loose is harder than it would seem. keeping edges soft takes work. i only have one area of the painting that has hard edges, and the most contrast, where the cottage roof area meets the palm tree and clouds. this is where i want you to keep coming back to (center of interest)
ive tried hard to keep everything else blurry just like the human eye sees. just one thing is sharp and everything else is in the periphery vision and fuzzy. i can thank edgar payne, an early 1900 california impressionist, for this great epiphany. i saw it when i was reading his book "Landscape Painting". thanks edgar!

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