Thursday, February 21, 2008

A few plein air tips i discovered today

Available at Tidewater Gallery
I had a plein air commission to do today of the wilmington waterfront. i found a way to down to the water on the other side of the river (almost under the 421 bridge) to paint. only problem was that the area down there is very soggy, swampy and some parts of wilmington interestingly have quick sand. i have seen warning signs. is that crazy or what?

so to keep my feet dry, and hopefully warm, i had the idea to wrap my feet in plastic grocery bags in case! well it worked great and my feet actually got very hot in the bags. after discovering this i'm going to keep bags in my painting backpack for cold days and my feet are freezing. they take up no room in the backpack and you can use them to carry you trash off from the paint site too.

the other thing i found today was that if stuff gets in the wet paint like marsh grass seeds etc. you can go to a gas station and blow it all off the painting with an air hose without messing up the paint. i was trooping around in the tall marsh grass coming out after painting and all kinds of stuff got in the wet paint. no way to get all that out without messing up something. the pressurized air worked great!

Today i posted my soup bowl and his co-worker spoon. they both kept me warm and full this winter. hope you like em.

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