Wednesday, February 20, 2008

We're Not Worthy- 8x10-oil on c.b.

Just looked to me like the little ones were saying to the big one "we're not worthy"
what can i say you have to come up with titles to these things and yes i am going mad being cooped up in the studio for months. waiting to get outside again when it warms up. all this still life will definately help me when i do.
remember the tip i gave awhile back where you shoot your painting with a digital then desaturate the color on photoshop to see just black and white values. i did this when i first finished this piece and realized looking at the black and white that the shadows werent dark enough. so i went back and fixed them. now i really like this piece. you know how sometimes something doesnt look right with your painting but you dont know what it is. shoot it digitally and change to black and white. it'll jump off the page at you! it sure saved this one.

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