Friday, February 15, 2008

Train Car Shapes-9x12-oil on c.b.

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$240 + shipping+tax to nc residents
This was done in a deserted section of the town but the longer i was there painting the more attention and people i attracted. some of them looked a little sketchy but they checked me out (as a target i'm thinking) from afar. must have determined from the way i was dressed (old painted up clothes) and the crappy truck i drive that i'd probably fight hard to keep what little i had! man are they wrong. i'd give it up without a second thought. i can get another 93 toyota for a few dollars! heeheee.
this has a loose shape style to it thats a stretch for me. i teeter back and forth day to day seems like. one day tighter, one day looser and more abstract. the process is the same for the more abstract treatment. you just break the big shapes into smaller and smaller shapes. more so than you would do with huge shapes just left alone like alot of what i do. that keeps it fun playing this way and that. hope you like it.

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