Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Salt Pile- 8x10- oil on c.b.

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This studio version of a plein air study came out identical to its 6x8 predecessor, which is what i've been trying for for over a year. to do studio things with the plein air feel i have to set time limits on how long i can work on it. this keeps that intuitive side of the brain thinking hurry hurry, boil down the essence of the thing.... dont fuss with details. thats what i like about this piece. the details are missing but just suggested.

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bgernat said...

Have waited too long to respond to your blog site. I love this painting - simple shapes, varied values & intensities (reminds me of my/your 'Rusty Silo'. Oh, I'm so conversant since your workshop in OBX! Your workshop was so helpful to me. I now see shapes vs detail. And, want to paint shapes outdoors.... Keep lighting the candles for mild weather.